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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fettuccine Alfredo

Confession: I usually like alfredo sauce made from a packet better than I like it made from scratch. This might be because I refuse to buy high-quality parmesan and I'm setting myself up for disappointment by using the grated stuff from the jar.

Whatever the reason, I've been craving alfredo lately.  Unfortunately, many years ago I was suddenly unable to locate my favorite mix and I've been trying to doctor up this plain version ever since.

I let a whole clove of garlic float around in the sauce while it was cooking, and stirred in some parsley at the end. The garlic wasn't very strong; I would probably use two cloves and slice them in half next time.

I used my usual pasta recipe, which is unbelievably simple.

A note on making the pasta-making: the pie plate was an experiment, since I figured it was easy to take the plate to the sink and wash it than to scrub the counter top like I usually do. It actually wasn't that useful though, since you still have to knead it and roll it out on the counter top. I'd use a bowl next time for that beginning fork-mixing messy stage, then transfer it to the counter.

Here's a more accurate pasta-making picture, from my first-ever attempt at pasta. The gooey fingers are the reason behind starting with a fork until it's a little less messy and ready to be kneaded.

You can see the rolling and cutting process here.

The noodles only take a few minutes to cook, so you can start the water boiling around the same time you start cooking the sauce.

Then toss them together and you've got dinner!

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