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Friday, February 25, 2011

Fresh Pasta: Take Two

After my attempt at Ravioli earlier this week, I was determined to get the hang of this pasta thing. So I whipped up a batch of wide noodles to use in a chicken soup, which will have to get a post of its own when I have the time.

 This time I used a fork till the egg was well mixed with some of the flour, so it didn't ooze all over the place or completely coat my fingers. I also covered the entire dough ball with a damp paper towel while it was resting, rather than just the top of the bowl that it was in.

MUCH thinner than my last attempt. Yay!

 Yep, I totally used that pizza cutter right on the nice counter top. I was careful! You don't really have to press hard to cut pasta dough.

 Now isn't that worthy of gawking at for a minute?

 I let it dry out like this overnight. It was nice and brittle after just a couple hours though.

Sigh. I've never been so proud! Actually, if you look too quickly at this picture it kind of looks like french fries... mmm those might have to happen sometime soon.

Anyway, here's the final product (cooking in chicken stock, which explains the weird color):

They were GOOD too. I could definitely go for some fettuccine alfredo next time. I'm also planning on making lasagna noodles this weekend to use up the ricotta from the ravioli experiment... it's been an awesome week of cooking!

1 comment:

  1. glad to hear it wasn't that hard, maybe I'll give it a try sometime!