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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is my second attempt to find a delicious chocolate chip cookie that uses less butter-- not because I've suddenly stopped loving my beloved, mind you, but because of the incredible rise in price lately. So I checked out allrecipes and found a recipe that used vegetable oil! My sister makes (healthy) cookies with olive oil all the time, so I had high hopes for these cookies.

Here we go!

Start with the usual creaming of fat and sugars, and add in eggs, vanilla, then finally the flour, baking soda, and salt.

And chocolate chips! You might already be able to tell in this picture that the dough looks heavy, and the chocolate chips are quite shiny. Oily.

I got ready one small sheet to test and flash froze the rest. I ended up with 27 little lumps of cookie dough altogether.

Then, of course, the lower heating element in my oven decided to self-destruct and I found myself unable to bake ANY cookies the day I made the dough.

A few days later, brand-spanking-new heating element installed, and I finally got to make some cookies. They still took about twice as long as the recipe recommended (they recommended 8-10 minutes; mine took 14-16).

The texture was definitely a winner in my book. Really crispy outside and chewy (admittedly the undercooked kind of chewy) on the inside.

The problem? They're REALLY greasy. They feel like rocks in your stomach.

The verdict: a nice option, but I probably wouldn't recommend them without some tweaking. I'd cut the oil by at least half, but I'm not sure what combination of things I'd substitute in for the liquid. Maybe I'd replace ALL of the oil with a whole bunch of pumpkin and just make them pumpkin cookies! Or I'll request suggestions from my olive-oil-loving sister!

Sorry to have another post without a recipe to share, but at least you can walk away knowing that this recipe isn't worth trying!

1 comment:

  1. i believe butter is about 80% fat and the rest is water and milk solids so what i sometimes do when i'm trying to follow a recipe a little less than a mile away i substitute with mostly oil and some milk. sometimes i add more water but it changes it to a more muffin-like texture. if i don't they end up very lumpy, not at all the nice round flat shape you have, probably because i didn't have as much oil. i'd give the pumpkin a try! i have started to write down my recipes when i bake (and actually measure things!) so i can work out good recipes so maybe i'll have some more insight on this in a little while.